Natalie Renée is a singer/songwriter from SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Growing up with all sorts of musical influences (especially Folk, Rock, and Blues from the 60's and 70's) she implements a certain attitude in her music. A city girl surrounded by trees, mountains, and endless water, Renée loads her writing and performances with honesty, grit, positivity, and the beauty of nature.


Natalie is a founding member of Stains Of A Sunflower.


dan soghomonian

Dan Soghomonian is an Armenian-American bass player and recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. He got his start in the underground jam rock scene of MICHIGAN, and quickly created his own unique sound. Dan blends a classic rock sound with a new school funk groove, shaped in turn by his knowledge of popular theory and songwriting.


Dan joined Stains Of A Sunflower in 2015 and...


"has been helping them rock stages ever since"

- Dan Soghomonian


shade tramp

Hailing from CLAREMONT, CA Shade Tramp is the current drummer of Stains Of A Sunflower, as well as helping Renée manage some of the more "business-y" aspects of the project. Aside from the band, Shade spends time pursuing studies in both Commercial Scoring and Artist MGMT as well as earning a PHD in "chilling" at Coolzville Graduate University. 


Shade is a founding member of Stains Of A Sunflower.


"my side hurts."

- Shade Tramp



Alex is from KALISPELL, MT. He started playing guitar, early, in his life. His influences are Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Herring, and Steve Morse.


Alex joined Stains Of A Sunflower in 2015.



- Alex Michael Jones